The NISAGENET provides a unified information system for collection, compilation and analysis of data about the activities of the agricultural education system in India. Broadly Information on General & Academic Information of the Universities, Infrastructural facilities, Budget provision, Manpower employed, R&D activities of each and all the SAU’s and Deemed universities of ICAR is made available.
Immediate Objectives
1. To maintain the NISAGENET system on the Central Server for all the participating organizations.
2. To modify the existing architecture of the NISAGENET System.
3. To strengthen the NISAGENET and to add new modules/reports as per the requirements.
4. To add and include the newly established and left over agricultural universities into the system.
5. To provide software maintenance support to all the participating organizations.
Long Term Objectives
NISAGENET will be an effective solution for the class of users varying from common man to the administrators and managers and will act as a comprehensive information source of Indian agricultural education system and HRD in agriculture.
Anticipated Process/Products/Technology/Knowledge expected to be evolved:
A process for university/college level decision support system would be created at the universities level.

Establishment of a mechanism for periodically collection and updating of data related to Agricultural education

The System will act as a tool for decision making for agricultural education, research, development and manpower planning.

The statistical data would also be provided to Planners, Policy Makers, Administrators and others from time to time.

NISAGENET provides the facilities like:

· Agrikhoj – a Search Engine for agricultural education
· Directory – Classified information from NISAGENET
· Discussion Forum – for sharing information
· Reports / Queries – Dynamic Reports for user’s